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Follow these steps to quickly get up and running on the site:
1. Create a Profile    

You just need a username, password and email address for now. You can sign in or out by clicking the buttons in the top right of the window. Click on your username to add more information to your profile.

We encrypt all passwords to prevent them being viewed.

(We should say at this point that everything on the site really is free to access and we won't pass on your data to anyone else. Nor will we spam you with lots of emails. We pay for the site by selling merchandise from the Club Shop, and are grateful to our IT partners for helping us out with cheap server space and support.)


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2. Add some games    

There are several different ways to add a game in the Your 92 sub-section, but for now it's easiest to use the Add Multiple Games method. Please be patient as some of these displays take a little while to load due to the amount of data!

The Add Multiple Games method lets you simply tick the games you saw a team play during a season.

1. Select the team from the drop-down. The display will then show you all the games for that team for the current season.

2. Select the season you want to select games from, or stay on the current season.

3. Tick the League games you went to that season.

4. Click the Save Games button at the bottom of the display.

Add Multiple Games
3. View Your Games    

Once you've entered a few games you can start going through the games displays. The best place to start is the Chronological view, which shows the games you've entered in Chronological order, along with any ground moves, promotions or relegations that affect your DT92 Count (the count of how many of the 92 grounds you've seen a game at)

Again, in the Your 92, hover over the Display Your Games button and then click on Chronological.

You might need to wait while the display builds but when it does you'll see a list of your games and events, colour-coded to show the impact on your DT92 count.

1. Games in blue show the first time you've been to a ground, and they add 1 to your DT92 count in the first column.

Red rows show that a team that has been relegated so your count is decreased by 1.

A Green row shows a team that has been promoted back into the League, so your count increases by 1 again.

An orange row shows a ground move, usually meaning your count is decreased by 1.

Click on the team names in a game row to see more details about that game, including any other DT92 members who were there. We include scorers, cards and the teams from all recent League and major cup games. You can also personalise each game by adding your photos, scans of the programme and ticket and comments about the day.



Chronological display of Your 92

Game display

Now you have entered some games, have a look through the other Displays under the Display Your Games tab to see the other ways you can view them.

Remember that you can enter any game into Your 92, but only those played at a League ground count towards your DT92 Count.

If you prefer attending non-League games, or games played abroad, check the Beyond the 92 Display because this shows every team and ground down to Step 6 of the English non-League pyramid and all the top Leagues and teams around the world.

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