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Welcome to the DT92 Stats Zone.

The home of possibly the biggest collection of English Football stats you'll find online, and all for free.

We have every League result back to the start of the Football League in 1888, along with the ground that each one was played at.

We have every League Table, not just for the end of each season but before and after each and every game played.

Our data-monkeys have been hard at work adding every FA Cup and League Cup result from the 1st Round onwards back to the start of both competitions. They've also added the Texaco and Watney Cups recently, along with the Southern League up to 1920. The Charity Shield is next and then Europe!

We worked with Paul Smith, co-writer of the excellent Ultimate Guide to English and Scottish League Grounds to provide an-depth look at every ground to have staged a League game, including dates, maps and records at each ground. We also worked with John Aitken, producer of the GroundHopper books you'll find in the Library, to provide travel details to pretty much every ground in the top 10 levels of English football.

We are still adding to our Player database but you'll already find every player to have appeared in a League game since 1946, and many more from before then too. You'll also find details of every manager for most of the bigger clubs.

We've just added every first class game England have played, along with ground and players. This is an on-going project so bear with us while we get it fully available.

Doing the 92 is a free website run for football fans by football fans.
Please contact us if you've got any questions, ideas or content you'd like to see added.