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What's New

What's New?

Now the new design has bedded in, we've started making more updates to the data. We've completed the 2019/20 League squads and all the Leagues as well. Let us know if we've missed any!

One thing - we've decide to moth-ball our FaceBook page as we're not too happy with the direction that site has taken with regards user data. Therefore all news will appear on this page going forward.

The most recent change was to sort out the code that calculates the number of grounds you've all been to. Hopefully you're all seeing the correct figures now? Let us know if not.

Does anyone out there have experience of working with Wikipedia? We'd like to get a Doing the 92 page set-up but obviously are not allowed to do that ourselves.

Here are some of the recent big changes that have been made:

  • Added all Norwich City's & Sheffield United's managers back to their formation. That's all the current Premier League teams completed.
  • All 2019/20 Squads up to date and most transfers and loan deals also added.
  • Changed the Chronological and other By Divison displays to cater for there only being 91 League grounds during 2019/20.
  • Changed the Alphabetical and main By Division displays to cater for there only being 91 League grounds during 2019/20.
  • Started making changes to cater for there only being 91 League grounds for 2019/20.
  • New England section in the Stats Zone, which contains every England match and team back to the first official match against Scotland
  • The Football League Review section in the Library has been expanded to include some of the popular team pictures that used to be in the middle of each issue.
  • The Your 92 section is where you'll find all your data. You can also switch between your data and other people's using the links at the top of each display.
  • You can change your own password at last! Click on the button on the Login screen to send a link to the email address you registered with us when you first signed up.
  • The Club Shop. Please do help us out by buying a t-shirt or badge. We'll be working on a new wallchart once every club has announced its kit for the new season.
  • Some of the detailed Team pages in the Stats Zone now work for non-League teams as well.
  • The Stats Zone Results pages now have a calendar along the top so you can easily select a match day (we're quite pleased with this!)
  • We've added a new way to view Your 92 in the Display Your Games section - the By Season-Tables display shows which of the 92 grounds you have visited by the end of each season.

We're working on lots more but for now we hope you enjoy the new design and features!

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