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Faroe Islands

This display takes us outside the 92 to enable you to see how many grounds you've visited elsewhere. We'll be adding grounds, crests and club colours for each one over time and we'd like to thank everyone who has helped us put this together.

M: This column shows how many DT92 Members have seen a game at this ground
G: This column shows how many Games these members have collectively seen at this ground

Team Home Ground Visited M G
07 Vestur  
B36 Tˇrshavn  
B36 Torshavn Kvinnur  
B71 Sandoy  
EB/Streymur Vi­ Margßir
Faeroe Islands  
FC Hoyvik  
FC Hoyvik Kvinnur  
G°tu ═trˇttarfelag  
Havnar Bˇltfelag  
═F Fuglafj°r­ur  
═trˇttarfelag Fuglafjar­ar  
Klaksaikar Itottarfelag II  
KlaksvÝkar ═trˇttarfelag  
NSI Runavik Runavik Stadium 1 1
NSI Runavik Kvinnur  
Skßla ═F  
Skala IF Kvinnur  
TB Tv°royri  
VÝkingur G°ta Sarpuger­i 1 1

has seen 0 of the current 21 teams at their current home grounds.
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