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Done the 92 questionnaire – Tony (TonyP MCFC)

  • How many grounds had you visited before you realised you wanted to do the lot?
  • Canít remember, was so long ago when I started

  • Did you choose the last ground you were going to visit or did it just pan out that way?
  • Just panned out that way

  • Did you have company for some or all of it – were you in competition with anyone else and what happened to them?
  • Company for most of them (Iím not that sad) but no competition


  • How many had you done when you thought ‘Right, I’m going to finish this now’?
  • Always thought that way, decided to finally complete it this year

  • Obvious question but, best day out?
  • Apart from my own team, really enjoyed the final game at Brighton

  • Did you manage to do more than one ground in a day at any point?
  • Not in England, but have in Scotland a couple of times

  • What does Plainmoor have that the Emirates never will?
  • More characters/lunatics

  • Did you ever turn up to find the game wasn’t on, or that you’d gone to the wrong ground?
  • Brentford v City FA Cup arrived on the coach, copper got on, told us it was off and we turned straight round and went home without even getting off the coach

  • Best/worst food on your travels?
  • Mouldy pie at Bristol City

  • Do you still call ‘League One’ ‘Division Three’?
  • Not anymore but did for a while

  •  Most and least welcoming hosts?
  • Most : Yeovil Least : Millwall (obviously)

  • Any bizarre incidents along the way. Any brushes with anyone famous/infamous?
  • Met Alan Wilkie in the stand at Hartlepool when he was retired from refereeing and had a go at him about a decision he made against City some years earlier

  • Now you’ve joined the small band of 92ers do you plan to keep visiting new grounds as they are introduced to the League, or do you consider it to be a one-off, job-done deal?
  • Got to keep it current, will be off to Cambridge asap

  • What was your memento/proof of each visit – program, photo, ticket stub, badge?
  • Program from every game, taking up far too much room now



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