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Welcome to Doing The 92.


If this is your first time on the site, it's worth spending a few seconds reading this overview to find out what you can use it for.

We started out as a place where fellow football fans can enter the games they'd been to and then see how close they have come to visiting all 92 League grounds.

Read on by all means, but if you're keen to get started, simply click on the Getting Started button above to see how to enter games and then display them. Once you're happy with that, come back and finish reading this overview to discover the huge amount of information this site contains.

We're not the 92 Club (that's who you can join once you've visited all 92) - we're the club you use while you're Doing the 92, and with teams moving grounds and new teams joining the 92 each season, no-one stays on 92 for very long.


Click to see archived versions of the site
Original site from 2007 - click to take a look


Since 2007 we have been providing a free place for you to register the games you've been to and then see how close to Doing the 92 you've got over time. As the site has expanded, we've introduced new ways to enter and view your games, so even if you're one of our original members it's worth having a look around to see what's been added recently.

The Your 92 sub-site lets you compare how many grounds you've been to with other members, and coming soon will be the ability to register the games you plan to go to so you can chat with other fans and ask for tips on parking, best pubs, lift-shares etc.


As mentioned above, this site was started to give you a place to keep track of the games you'd been to but we quickly expanded it to include a database of every League game played, and the ground each game was played at, which formed the basis of the Stats Zone. Around this time, we teamed up with Paul Smith and integrated information from his excellent Directory of English and Scottish Grounds into the Stats Zone Teams and Grounds sections.

Since then, we have added FA Cup, League Cup and various smaller tournament results to the database, meaning you can now search the Stats Zone for pretty much any domestic game that counts towards the 92, right back to 1872. We have also added every Full England International to the database, as well as every game from the Euro 2016 Finals. Since 2011, we have been adding Champions League and Europa League games and the plan is to eventually extend these results back to include all the major European Competitions.

Since 2010, our data monkeys have been adding player records to the database and we now hold basic player details for everyone who has played a League game back to 1946. This data is being added to all the time and we have been adding more detailed information about players from the top 2 divisions back to 2001. This data is also used in our lovely iPhone App 'FBDB', which is a free download from the Apple App store.

Since 2011 we have started adding match data to the stats, so we now hold line-ups, scorers and recipients of cards for all League and Cup games back to around then.

While adding player data, it made sense to start adding Football Cards so we could show pictures of the players. So we created the Card Museum, which now contains more than 20,000 cards from the current day back to the 1890s.  

The next project was to enable fans to load pictures to the site of games they'd been to, as well as scans of programmes and tickets. The programme section got so large we decided to make a new Library area to showcase them. The intention is to start adding the source books we've used for the site to the Library, as well as other football publications we've enjoyed reading.

At the moment, the major sections are the Programme collection, the Football League Review section and finally the invaluable Groundhopper books created by John Aitken.

Doing the 92 is a free website run for football fans by football fans.
Please contact us if you've got any questions, ideas or content you'd like to see added.