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"Mexico 86" (1986)
By Card
This display shows the fronts of every card in this set currently loaded to the Museum.
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Card number 48.

Carlo Ancelotti

Card number 187.

Sergei Baltacha
Dynamo Kiev

Card number 249.


Card number 274.

Northern Ireland

Card number 275.

Northern Ireland

Card number 276.

Pat Jennings
Tottenham Hotspur

Card number 277.

Jimmy Nicholl
West Bromwich Albion

Card number 278.

John McClelland

Card number 279.

John O'Neill
Leicester City

Card number 280.

Alan McDonald
Queens Park Rangers

Card number 281.

Mal Donaghy
Luton Town

Card number 282.

Paul Ramsey
Leicester City

Card number 283.

David McCreery
Newcastle United

Card number 284.

Sammy McIlroy
Manchester City

Card number 285.

Steve Penney
Brighton & Hove Albion

Card number 286.

Jimmy Quinn
West Bromwich Albion

Card number 287.

Gerry Armstrong
West Bromwich Albion

Card number 288.

Billy Hamilton
Oxford United

Card number 289.

Ian Stewart
Newcastle United

Card number 290.

Norman Whiteside
Manchester United

Card number 291.

Jim Platt

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