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J. A. Pattreiouex
"Senior Service - Sporting Events and Stars" (1935) - series 96
By Card
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Card number 5.

Sheffield Wednesday

Card number 6.

FA Cup

Card number 50.

Jimmy Brown
Manchester United

Card number 52.

Tom Bradshaw

Card number 54.

Billy Porter
Manchester United

Card number 55.

Stockport County

Card number 57.

Tommy Bamford
Manchester United

Card number 58.


Card number 59.

Reg Chester
Manchester United

Card number 60.

Bolton Wanderers

Card number 62.

Jimmy Heale
Manchester City

Card number 63.

Manchester United

Card number 65.

Alex Stevenson

Card number 66.

Manchester City

Card number 68.

Peter Burke
Oldham Athletic

Card number 70.

Bob Donnelly
Manchester City

Card number 71.

Harry Goslin
Bolton Wanderers

Card number 72.

Jackie Milne

Card number 75.

George Eastham
Bolton Wanderers

Card number 78.

Stanley Matthews
Stoke City

Card number 81.

Peter Doherty

Card number 84.

Charlie Bicknell
Bradford City

Card number 87.

George Cummings
Aston Villa

Card number 90.

Jack Palethorpe
Aston Villa

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