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"Did You Know?" (1971) - series 2
By Card
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Card number 110.

George Graham

Card number 111.

Mick Jones
Leeds United

Card number 112.

Francis Burns
Manchester United

Card number 113.

Roger Morgan
Tottenham Hotspur

Card number 115.

Kevin Hector
Derby County

Card number 117.

Tommy Carroll
Ipswich Town

Card number 118.

Len Cantello
West Bromwich Albion

Card number 119.

John Hurst

Card number 120.

David Ford
Newcastle United

Card number 121.

Tommy Baldwin

Card number 122.

David Lawson
Huddersfield Town

Card number 123.

Bobby Ferguson
West Ham United

Card number 124.

Tommy Booth
Manchester City

Card number 125.

David Sadler
Manchester United

Card number 126.

Mick Channon

Card number 127.

Chris Cattlin
Coventry City

Card number 128.

Tommy Jackson
Nottingham Forest

Card number 129.

Phil Hoadley
Crystal Palace

Card number 130.

Clyde Best
West Ham United

Card number 131.

Mike Bernard
Stoke City

Card number 132.

Ray Kennedy

Card number 133.

Chris Lawler

Card number 134.

Alan Gowling
Manchester United

Card number 135.

Ian Gibson
Cardiff City

Card number 136.

Brian Kidd
Manchester United

Card number 137.

Alan Hinton
Derby County

Card number 138.

Rod Belfitt
Leeds United

Card number 139.

Howard Kendall

Card number 140.

Bobby Hope
West Bromwich Albion

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