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Cornish Match Company
"Footballers" (1978) - series 1
By Card
This display shows the fronts of every card in this set currently loaded to the Museum.
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Card number 1.

Ray Wilkins

Card number 2.

Mick Lyons

Card number 3.

Liam Brady

Card number 4.

Brian Little
Aston Villa

Card number 5.

John Richards
Wolverhampton Wanderers

Card number 6.

David Langan
Derby County

Card number 7.

Trevor Francis
Birmingham City

Card number 8.

Tony Woodcock
Nottingham Forest

Card number 9.

Clive Whitehead
Bristol City

Card number 10.

Ray Hankin
Leeds United

Card number 11.

Kevin Reeves
Norwich City

Card number 12.

Jimmy Case

Card number 13.

Jim Blyth
Coventry City

Card number 14.

Steve Coppell
Manchester United

Card number 15.

Ossie Ardiles
Tottenham Hotspur

Card number 16.

Brian Talbot
Ipswich Town

Card number 17.

Peter Barnes
Manchester City

Card number 18.

Cyrille Regis
West Bromwich Albion

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