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P.A. Adolph
"Famous Footballers" (1954) - series 2
By Card
This display shows the fronts of every card in this set currently loaded to the Museum.
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Card number 25.

Syd Gerrie
Hull City

Card number 26.

Frank Bowyer
Stoke City

Card number 27.

Bedford Jezzard

Card number 28.

Andy Graver
Lincoln City

Card number 29.

Wilf Mannion

Card number 30.

Vic Metcalfe
Huddersfield Town

Card number 31.

Wally Ardron
Nottingham Forest

Card number 32.

Len Shackleton

Card number 33.

Len Boyd
Birmingham City

Card number 34.

Eric Massey

Card number 35.

Gladstone Guest
Rotherham United

Card number 36.

Peter Doherty
Doncaster Rovers

Card number 37.

Tommy Lawton

Card number 38.

Doug Lishman

Card number 39.

Billy Wright
Wolverhampton Wanderers

Card number 40.

Bert Williams
Wolverhampton Wanderers

Card number 41.

Nat Lofthouse
Bolton Wanderers

Card number 42.

Gil Merrick
Birmingham City

Card number 43.

Ivor Broadis
Manchester City

Card number 44.

Jackie Stamps
Derby County

Card number 45.

Eddie Baily
Tottenham Hotspur

Card number 46.

Jackie Milburn
Newcastle United

Card number 47.

Jimmy Hagan
Sheffield United

Card number 48.

Jackie Sewell
Sheffield Wednesday

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