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Albert Shepherd
2 Caps, 2 Goals

This display shows the full England caps won by this player. It shows all the matches played by England between this player's first and last cap with the ones he didn't appear in greyed-out. Click on a score to see more details about a match. Click on the domestic team to see all players from that team to have won an England cap.

Cap No.   Date Opponents Competition Score Attn.   Ground England
match No.
Domestic Team
Matches played during 1910/11
Home International Championship
Baseball Ground
Newcastle United

Newcastle United Crest
  02Apr1910   Scotland Home International Championship   2-0   106,205   Hampden Park 107  
  14Mar1910   Wales Home International Championship   0-1   20,000   Cardiff Arms Park 106  
  12Mar1910   Ireland Home International Championship   1-1   8,000   Solitude 105  
  01Jun1909   Austria International Friendly   1-8   3,000   Hohe Warte Stadion 104  
  31May1909   Hungary International Friendly   2-8   11,000   Millenáris Sporttelep 103  
  29May1909   Hungary International Friendly   2-4   10,000   Millenáris Sporttelep 102  
  03Apr1909   Scotland Home International Championship   2-0   27,000   Crystal Palace 101  
  15Mar1909   Wales Home International Championship   2-0   11,500   City Ground 100  
  13Feb1909   Ireland Home International Championship   4-0   28,000   Park Avenue 99  
  13Jun1908   Bohemia International Friendly   0-4   12,000   Letná Stadion (Prague) 98  
  10Jun1908   Hungary International Friendly   0-7   6,500   Millenáris Sporttelep 97  
  08Jun1908   Austria International Friendly   1-11   5,000   Hohe Warte Stadion 96  
  06Jun1908   Austria International Friendly   1-6   3,500   Cricketer Platz (Vienna) 95  
  04Apr1908   Scotland Home International Championship   1-1   121,452   Hampden Park 94  
  16Mar1908   Wales Home International Championship   1-7   7,000   Racecourse Ground 93  
  15Feb1908   Ireland Home International Championship   1-3   22,600   Solitude 92  
  06Apr1907   Scotland Home International Championship   1-1   35,829   St James Park 91  
  18Mar1907   Wales Home International Championship   1-1   22,000   Craven Cottage 90  
  16Feb1907   Ireland Home International Championship   1-0   22,235   Goodison Park 89  
Matches played during 1905/06
Home International Championship
Hampden Park
Bolton Wanderers

Bolton Wanderers Crest
England wins: 1. Other team wins: 1. Draws: 0. England Goals: 3. Other Team Goals: 3.

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