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Current League: WELSH DIVISION ONE (Level 2)  
Founded: 1892  
Barry Town United were known as Barry until 01Aug1945, Barry Town until 01Aug1992 and Barri until 01Aug1993.
Home Grounds From To Current Home
Jenner Park

Colin Addison
  From 2004 To 2004   (manager)
Ian Bishop
  From 2002 To 2002  
Jackie Brown
  From 1946 To 1948  
Andy Dibble
  From 1998 To 1998  
David Forde
  From 1999 To 2002  
David Forde
  From 2001 To 2002  
David Giles
  From 1987 To 1988  
Les Jones
  From 1946 To 1948   (player/manager)
Kenny Morgans
  From 1967 To 1968  
Peter Nicholas
  From 2000 To 2001   (manager)
Chris Pike
  From 1984 To 1985  
Chris Pike
  From 1995 To 1998  
Ivor Powell
  From 1951 To 1952  
Paul Ramsey
  From 1995 To 1995  
Alan Waddle
  From 1986 To 1986  
Dai Ward
  From 1952 To 1954  

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